New Cherri Noir

Announcing new Cherri Noir!

We’re so excited to introduce our newest wine: Cherri Noir.* It’s a pinot noir blend with an infusion of black cherry – a bold flavor that’s perfect for unwinding at the end of your day.

Why black cherry? Here’s why our winemaker, Michele, decided to bring this special wine to Old Silo Winery.

“When I was growing up in southeastern Michigan, dad made cherry wine at home! We had a small cherry orchard and after we picked all the cherries, my mom would make cherry jam, cherry juice, and cherry pies. Then my dad would make wine in a big crock in the closet. I remember watching it bubble as it fermented. My folks would be so proud to see our winery, the vineyard, and of course, they would truly enjoy this wine. When I sip Cherri Noir, its flavors remind me of our family traditions and Michigan summers with all those baskets of cherries.”

We know how much our valued friends and customers enjoy our wines, and we really think you’ll love this one! Come by Old Silo Winery for a tasting, glass, or bottle. We’re just outside Tishomingo and open Wednesday through Saturday every week.

*Produced by Old Silo Winery LLC, 2300 East Cheadle Rd, Tishomingo OK