Where IS OLD SILO located?

We’re at 2300 East Cheadle Road, halfway up the hill and just around the corner from Blue River Ribs. Please call us at (580) 257-0400 if you need help with directions, or use GoogleMaps.

Wednesday 12–6PM

Thursday 12–6PM

Friday 12–7PM

Saturday 12–7PM

Sunday 12–5P


Can I bring children to OLD SILO WINERY?

Yes, however we do not have any activities or a playground for them. No one under 21 is allowed to enter the Silo Bar. An adult must supervise children inside the winery at all times while you taste wine in the Silo Bar. Our wine making equipment and storage is located in the same building so we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

We don’t have a restaurant here. But we do offer sweet tea, packaged snacks, and our popular Silo Sampler, featuring assorted cheeses, salami, fruit, and crackers. Enjoy a Silo Sampler in the Bistro Room or on our deck.

Do you serve food AT OLD SILO WINERY?

Can I bring my dog TO OLD SILO WINERY?

We love dogs but your pet (excluding service animals) cannot visit inside the winery. All well mannered dogs on a leash may tour the grounds with you and they may be greeted by our winery kitties — Delta, Foxtrot and Stasz.

Can I rent OLD SILO winery for an event?

Yes! Our winery is perfectly sized for parties, meetings, seminars and similar events, up to 20 guests. Call us for more details and availability.

For groups of 6 or more, please call ahead and reserve the Silo Bar. The maximum group size for a tasting inside the Silo Bar is 10 people. However, larger groups can enjoy our Bistro Room for wine tasting.

Do I need a reservation for a tasting?

Tasting tour groups are always welcome, but because of our limited driveway access and parking we can only accommodate small buses (20 passenger maximum). Please make all arrangements in advance with us so we can properly prepare for your group.

Can tour buses visit OLD SILO winery?

We don’t have formal tours of our winery, but just ask and we’re happy to show you our winemaking area. Feel free to walk around our vineyard — but watch out for wasps and deer flies!

Do you have winery tours?

How many wines do you have?

We are small-batch winemakers. Our selection varies throughout the year. On average we have 12 wines available. See our wine list for more information.

Any tips for wine tasting?

Of course! A wine tasting experience involves many of our senses, so it’s best to avoid wearing heavy perfume, smoking, and eating spicy foods before tasting.

Remember the 5 S's: See, Swirl, Smell, Sip and Savor! Take your time to experience the wine, it really makes a difference.

Have a little water and crackers between samples to refresh your palate.

As a courtesy, please turn off your cell phone ringers when entering our tasting room.

Because of our cozy tasting area, we suggest large purses, packs and bags be left in your vehicle.

Do use the bucket to dispose of your unfinished samples.

Is there a fee for tasting?

Your first 1 to 4 samples are available at no charge. After that, samples are $1.25 each. We reserve the right to limit samples and to not serve patrons who appear intoxicated.

Can I buy a glass of wine?

Yes, you may purchase selected Old Silo wines by the glass, to be enjoyed in the Bistro Room or on our deck. House policy sets a limit of 2 glasses of wine per person.

Do you sell old silo wines in stores and restaurants?

Old Silo wines are available only at our winery. We do not have a distribution license.

Sorry, at this time we are not licensed to ship wine either in Oklahoma or out of state.

Can you ship the wine that I buy at Old Silo Winery?

Have a question you don’t see here?

Give us a call at (580) 257-0400 or email us at oldsilowinery@gmail.com